Black Granite Pavers

 Black Granite Pavers flooring pavers, is our darkest outdoor granite paver. Primarily a deep grey-black color, Black Granite is an elegant and stylish outdoor paving product. Like our other granite supplies, Raven Granite flooring comes in an exfoliated finish. perfect for a non-slip application. Contact our sales team today to discuss using Black Granite on your next project.

Granite Pavers

Granite Pavers are cut from natural stone granite, creating a naturally strong and beautiful pavement. With a hard wearing surface, Granite Pavers do not scratch or chip easily making them perfect for high traffic areas such as walkways and entrance ways. Hanover® Granite Pavers are resistant to stains, heat and freeze-thaw cycles. With careful selection of raw materials and production of pavers with the closest tolerances in the industry

Granite Steps

Granite Steps will add beauty and long lasting elegance to your property. Stone structures create a feeling of strength, giving you the knowledge that these structures will last forever.

There is nothing like the look and feel of granite steps, walkways, posts, or other structures to enhance your property.

We would like nothing better than to design and build something special and different for you. Perhaps you would like replace your steps with granite steps or add a garden gate or a fence built with granite posts to eliminate the problem of rotting wooden posts. Arbors, trellises and shade structures for your patio are all possible projects.

Granite Slabs

Due to its strength and durability, granite is ideal for countertops, wall cladding, flooring and a wide variety of interior and exterior applications. Also ideal for commercial use.

Visibly homogeneous in texture; presents a mirror polish; black stone paving unique beauty that cannot be mistaken for man-made replicas; lustrous, rich and crystalline. Popular colors include white, black granite, green, blue, red granite and earth tones.

Multiple finish options including polished, honed, and leathered

Granite Treads

Sealing:  Black Granite pavers is a porous material and can absorb liquids, which can cause stains. Sealing the granite with a specialized sealer can help prevent stains by creating a barrier on the surface.

Polishing: Polishing granite can enhance its natural beauty and shine. This is achieved by using specialized equipment and abrasive compounds to smooth the surface and create a glossy finish. Honing: Honing granite involves smoothing the surface of the stone to a matte or satin finish, which can also enhance its natural beauty. This can be achieved using specialized equipment and abrasive compounds.

Resurfacing: If granite pavers has been damaged or has scratches or dull spots, it can be resurfaced using specialized equipment to remove the damaged layer and reveal a fresh, smooth surface.