Kandla Grey Smooth Sandstone

Kandla Grey Sawn Honed Sandstone

Kandla Grey Smooth Sawn 900x600s

Kandla Grey Smooth Indian Sandstone Paving Slab in 900 x 600 size is most common choice for Smooth Indian Sandstone in UK. It is 6 Side Sawn Sandstone paving slab with Top surface Honed Finish. It was consistent thickness through the same paving slab. Looks absolutely beautiful when wet and looks very cool when dry. There is definitely a reason why Kandla Grey Smooth Indian Sandstone is best Smooth Paving Stone Slabs in UK.


Kandla Grey Smooth Sandstone paving

Kandla Grey Sawn Sandstone

Kandla Grey Sawn Sandstone is bestseller Indian Sandstone, It is famous with different names across different nations. Light grey sandstone, the Grey color tone is eye-catching and appealing to people in western nations, also its color matches to that of PA Bluestone which is famous across USA, Canada. It’s a subtle but very beautiful sandstone which is hardwearing, durable, with high density of quartz granules in the sandstone which is ideal for paths and patios. Owing to its attractive finish, suited to both indoor and outdoor enviorments, kandla has become one of the most popular Indian sanstone paving slabs in UK.

A Saw cut grey stone with a tradtional look and honed finish on the top surface ,its Smooth and textured with consistent thickness, when calibrated to 20mm for UK, 1 inch and 1.25 inch for USA and Canada market that add to its character. Not only it is a cost effecient solution for customers looking to create a pave area, but it’s sure to handle the inclement weather conditions in extremely hot and cold countries with ease.

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Kandla Grey Honed Sandstone

The Kandla Grey paving, a quintessential example of the grey Indian stone, is a highly sought-after option for garden design in the UK. This natural stone’s inherent hues exude a rustic charm and allure that only true, unadulterated natural pavers can impart.

Over the course of eons, the stone has acquired natural variations that lend it an unmatched character, which promises to bestow a unique finish to any garden design. Furthermore, this sandstone is highly resilient and endures the inclemency of the British climate, ensuring a robust paving option that can last for ages.

Kandla Grey Honed refers to Kandla Grey sandstone that has been treated with abrasive tools to create a smooth and matte finish. This process involves grinding the surface of the stone to remove any unevenness and produce a flat, uniform texture. Honing also enhances the color of the stone, bringing out its natural beauty and character. Kandla Grey Honed is a popular choice for indoor and outdoor applications, including flooring, wall cladding, and paving, as it provides a sophisticated and modern look that is easy to maintain.


Kandla Grey Sawn Sandstone

Each slab is expertly cut from the stone block, honed to achieve a smooth finish with a subtle sheen, and then machine-cut on all four edges with a smooth finish. The calibrated slabs are 20mm in thickness with a bevelled top edge, which completes the sleek and contemporary look of the pavers.

Our sawn sandstone paving has a level of natural slip resistance, which makes it a safe and stable option to traverse, even when wet. It is exclusively designed for outdoor use, and as with any outdoor surface, we advise caution while walking on it when wet.


Kandla Grey Smooth Sandstone

Being entirely natural, sandstone products feature variations in color, tone, and pattern, which is inherent to the natural stone. Thus, the exact colors you receive can never be pre-determined. However, we encourage you to examine the entire range of product images to gain a comprehensive view of the natural color variations possible. The colors appear more vibrant when wet and subtler before installation or when the stone is dry.

The Kandla Grey sandstone paving, with its unique and unparalleled natural charm, is an exemplary choice for anyone seeking to infuse their outdoor space with a literary quality that will withstand the test of time.