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Limestone Paving

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Limestone Pavings

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Kota Black Antique
Limestone Flooring

Tandur Yellow Antique
Limestone Flooring

Limestone Paving is a common choice for garden paving, pavement paving for people in India, UK and around the world. It is not about just yesterday or today. Limestone has been best choice for laying across various places since ages, from the time when all roads were made of cobbles and not of concrete or cement.

Indian paving slabs have a good variety of stones to choose from. In Indian limestone, it is hard to get larger paving slabs. But when you buy with Malujiwala Stone you can be 100% assured of the quality of the product. These limestone products the exported throughout the world. Including countries like Australia, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the United States, Africa and many more.

Can Indian Limestone slabs be used in indoor flooring ?

Simple answer is Yes. Limestone flooring is most widely available option for indoor flooring. As it is also cost effective and has variety of colors to choose from.

What finishes are available in Indian Limestone Paving?

Limestone is available in number of finishes such as Sandblasted, Honed, Riven, Riverwash, Antique finish, 1/2 Honed tumbled and Brushed, Bush-hammer, Lastly Mirror Polished.

Does any two different Limestone flooring from India looks alike?

The main Limestone Paving majorly from Two parts of India. That is Southern part of India and Nothern part of India. There are a two color in Limestones that are found in both areas of India. Out of Which one combination is Kota Blue Limestone and Tandur Grey Limestone. Another combination is Kota Brown Stone also known as Kota Yellow Limestone and Tandur Yellow Limestone. Now These colors does match each other but when you look closely to these and compare these products. They are totally different from one another.

Is Limestone paving less riven than Indian Sandstone paving?

Yes, Limestone slabs are less riven and more smooth than most riven Indian Sandstone paving slabs. Sandstone has upto 5 mm of riven where was Limestone has merely 2-3mm of riven on it’s surface.