Kandla Grey Sandstone: Durable and Non-Slip
Outdoor Paving

Indulge in the magnificence and endurance of Kandla Grey Sandstone, a veritable masterpiece, ideal for both modern and classic outdoor spaces. Our sandstone pavers are meticulously procured from prime quarries and refined to produce superior quality products that endure the most formidable of weather and offer a non-slip surface. Whether you’re creating an aesthetically inspiring patio, a functionally captivating walkway, or a secure pool surround, Kandla Grey Sandstone is the ultimate choice. Within this literary piece, we shall delve into the physical attributes, applications, and merits of this versatile and long-lasting natural wonder.


Grey Sandstone

Kandla Grey Paving Slabs consists of Silver Grey color with a hues of light blue,  which looks appealing and eye catching to landscape architects, landscapers, garden designers & homeowners. Kandla Gray Indian sandstone patio packs comes with calibrated bottom of 22mm or 25mm that ensures similar thickness across the paving slabs. These Kandla Indian sandstone slabs are most common choice of paving across American, English and European markets. Indian Gray Sandstone slabs adds grace to your garden with Riven finish, you can sit there alone for a while and think all about what nature has to offer us. Riven paving sandstone slabs gives traditional yet contemporary look to your garden space. We at Malujiwala Stone guarantees you an hassle free shopping experience, we offer not only best prices on Indian sandstone but also best in class quality of the stone purchased from us.

Gray Sandstone Flamed Oakville Thermal Bluestone

Flamed Grey sandstone is blue grey tones Kandla grey Sandstone which is also famous by other names such as Pearl Grey, Dove Grey, Siberian Grey, Blue Ice Thermal etc. How this finish comes across? at first we take the sawn slabs of Grey Sandstone then we perform thermal or Flamed finish on the slab. We also make sure the slab does not break or develop cracks during this finish being performed. 

Flaming is a dangerous process that is performed by our professionally trained expert workers. As it involves Oxygen and LPG (Liquified Petrolium Gas) both are inflammable in nature. Oxygen gives pressure of fire and LPG used to keep fire alive, then The sawn top surface of stone is fired with burner and the flakes of the top surface of stone are truned to ashed. The layer below which remains on top is the Thermal or Flamed finish.

Thermal Gray Sandstone
Flamed Gray Sandstone
Kandla Grey Brushed
Kandla Grey Sandblast
Grey Sandblast

Kandla Grey Sandstone

STONE VARIETIES Grey Sandstone Paving
COLOUR Kandla Grey, Kendal Grey
MATERIAL Sandstone
FINISHED FACE Split Stone, Riven Paving, Natural Cleft
SIZES & PACKS 900 x 600 x 22 mm, 16 Slabs
600 x 600 x 22 mm, 16 Slabs
600 x 290 x 22 mm, 16 Slabs
290 x 290 x 22 mm, 12 Slabs
THICKNESS Calibrated 18 mm, 22 mm, 25mm, 30mm
EDGE Hand-Cut, Machine-cut
LAID 10-15 joint

Kandla Grey sandstone is a most popular sandstone comes from india. Its a subtle but very beautiful sandstone which is hardwearing durable dense sandstone which is ideal for paths and patios. Owing to its attractive finish, suited to both indoor and outdoor enviorments, kandla has become one of the most popular indian sanstone paving slabs. We are one of the best quality manufacturers of Kandla Grey Sandstone in Kota and Kandla Grey Sandstone in Bijoliya.

A hand cut stone with a traditional riven finish ,its rough and textured with variations in thickness that add to its character. Not only it is a cost effecient solution for customers looking to create a pave area, its sure to handle the inclement weather conditions in extremely hot and cold countries with ease.

Malujiwala Stone since it’s Inception in 1980 has been keen in providing best quality Kandla Grey Stone to it’s customers. We have worked really hard through decades to create a portfolio of High Quality Kandla Grey Sandstone in Kota and Bijoliya. At present we are also exporting our products throughout the world. 

Kandla Grey in Kota

For requirement of any type of Kandla Grey or any other stone contact us. We will provide you best rates and best quality for sure.

The contemporary grey and silver tones of our Kandla Grey sandstone paving create an elegant and beautiful area that elevates any outdoor environment. This durable & hardwearing sandstone is a popular option and perfect for patios and pathways. For a more vibrant outdoor space, incorporate the Kandla grey paving slabs into your upcoming landscaping project!

The outside space has a traditional and rustic vibe thanks to the sandstone paving slabs, which are also long-lasting in the British environment.

Each slab has hand-dressed edges and a riven surface that give the outdoor area a classic look. They are all calibrated to a 22mm thickness.