Indian Sandstone for Landscaping

Sandstone in Natural Riven

KANDLA GREY INDIAN SANDSTONE is the most popular sandstone knows for it's consistent color, fine grains. It is best-selling indian sandstone.
RAJ GREEN SANDSTONE PAVING is most versatile hard-wearing paving slabs with warm green and gentle bronte colors with similar appreance to york stone.
pavings slabs sagar black
SAGAR BLACK SANDSTONE is most expensive among sandstone pavings from India, comes Black with meagre yellows in its paving slabs.
raj blend sandstone paving slabs
RAJ BLEND SANDSTONE is a multicolor Indian Sandstone paving slabs which comes with most variations between Greens to Browns and Yellows to Light Pinks.
Fossil Mint Indian Sandstone
FOSSIL MINT INDIAN SANDSTONE is soft sandstone are light color stone slabs, with fossil on top surface with occational tans and yellow veins appears on the surface.
AUTUMN BROWN SANDSTONE comes with plenty of brownish shade slabs. A mix of dark tan and slate dark greys often appears on these stone paving slabs .
Raveena Sandstone
RAVEENA SANDSTONE is again hard sandstone with a base tone of Beige color and has hues of Pink, veins of yellow brown and pinks, has contrast tones.
Buff Sandstone
BUFF INDIAN SANDSTONE features a range of light brown, yellow, cream and beige tones and will brighten up your garden. Has definate yellow waves and veins.
modak sandstone
MODAK SANDSTONE is a soothing pink toned with a blend of yellow stone which give ultimate feels when to lay it in your garden paving areas.


Rainbow Sawn Paving slabs
RAINBOW SAWN SANDSTONE It is very soft and light weight sandstone, which is  most colorful natural paving slab that you would come across as the name suggest you can really match the color of the slab with rainbow across the sky.
MINT SMOOTH SANDSTONE Circle It is light color sandstone, owing to beige and white blends with a middle tones of occational yellows. Each of these slabs are hand picked.
Kandla Grey Sawn Honed
KANDLA GREY SMOOTH INDIAN SANDSTONE is a best seller sawn sandstone. The demand of it has rised specifically in past few years.
Raj Green Smooth Honed is a sawn version of Raj green sandstone. Both are quarried out of same quarry but the production process makes them totally different.
Buff Smooth Sandstone
Buff Rippon Smooth Honed sandstone paving slabs has waves on the reddish yellowish surface and surface is very smooth.
Indian Sandstone paving slabs are most versatile and hard wearing Paving stone slabs which are most widely available in market. These paving stone slabs are quarried mostly in Rajasthan and other parts of North India. We carry a huge variety of Sandstone, with a lot of colors to offer, these colors depict true mother nature. These are eco friendly paving slabs, processed out of earth’s crust. Beautifully hand crafted for each customer. These hand split natural surface slabs are most demanded for outdoor paving. They can also be used for indoor flooring after doing a few finishes and proper sealing. These slab are unique from one another, mostly no two paving slab would resemble one another. 

Why Choose Malujiwala Stone as you paving supplier?

Because we are situated near Quarry area. Malujiwala Stone Company has good hold over the raw material procurement, and is one of most reliable Indian Sandstone Exporter in India for the same reason.
These slabs being first choice for outdoor paving from a long time. Now, they are being used in creating counter top slab, and barbeques in the most western nations. The popularity of sandstone from India continues to grow as more and more people get to know these wonder stones. Malujiwala Industries keeps an keen eye on quality and is leading exporter of these beautiful slabs.

Is Indian Sandstone very soft stone with low Strength ?

The answer isn’t just Yes or No. It about more detailed knowledge. Globally Sandstone are known that they are soft which is true they are. But Indian Sandstone that are promimently exported from India such as Kandla Grey, Raj Green, Autumn Brown, Buff Rippon, Or Mandana Stone are not soft at all. They have good density of Quartz grains in their composition.