Stone Cobble

Our organization deals in a comprehensive assortment of Stone cobble made of Natural stones Cobble like Granite, Limestone. These types of stones are used for making pavements and roads, Car parking areas, walkways, pathways, and Driveway Stone Cobble. Stone Cobble are widely appreciated for their physical properties such as hardness and resistance against weather. Along with this, we offer these stone Cobbles in different colors, sizes, and textures. 


Grey Cobblestones

Grey Sandstone Cobbles are gorgeous, multi-purpose stone cobbles are ideal for a variety of uses.


Multi Brown Cobbles

Multi Brown Stone Cobble is a natural stone that is known for its unique blend of brown tones.


Chocolate Red Cobble

Chocolate Red Stone Cobble are a hard, dense stone that can withstand heavy foot traffic.


Black Basalt Cobbles

Black basalt Stone cobble are top and bottom split cobbles and have machine-cut edges, shiny black color.

Grey Granite

Grey Granite is an angular hard-wearing stone that has a deep red consistency in color and has a great contrast when put with other bold colored gravels.


Red Granite

Red Granite are a robust and highly decorative stones which are perfect for almost any purpose. They are the toughest natural stones on the market,


Black Granite

Beautiful and versatile, our Black granite are perfect for a range of applications. Made from high quality ,


Yellow Granite

Yellow granite cobble from features yellow undertones that contrast beautifully with the gray and dark brown


Kandla Grey stone cobble

Hearken, fair folk, to the wonders of Kandla Grey Sandstone Cobbles! These beauteous stones imbued with a multiplicity of uses, are a sight to behold. Amongst sandstones, they reign preeminent, adorning the market with their consistent and resplendent hue. Withal, their might and endurance are legendary, oft employed in the paving of entire driveways, or as the borders of patios. Transform thy outdoor realm with a new-fangled aspect, courtesy of Kandla Grey Sandstone Cobbles.

Black Granite Cobbles Stone

The Granite Cobbles Black, Grey, Pink, and Yellow are hand-chiseled natural paving stone or natural stone pavers. Especially Cobble is tapered from top to bottom surface which provides the perfect setting. In addition, Cobblestone / Sett is available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and thicknesses.

Especially Granite Setts / Sandstone setts are used on low, medium, and heavy traffic areas as landscaping stones. Furthermore, Cobblestone pavers are used in different patterns which rather produce a modern to ancient look. Finally, cobble is used as a Cobblestone drive


How To Use Cobblestone?

Stone Cobble owns true versatility and practicality to blend with all types of outdoor areas. However, you get two kinds of stones under this category. One is the rough cobblestones. And the other is the polished/smooth Stone cobble

The former kind slightly resembles concrete producing a bumpy path. It may hinder the mobility of a person who uses a wheelchair, walker, or cane. Hence, if you have a person in the house moving with support, avoid using rough stone cobbles.

That said, stone cobble manufacturers like Quality Malujiwala Stone(India) provide an ideal solution. If you desire a rough look, we customize the rough stones by leveling them. This ensures a safe and walkable path for anyone.

On the contrary, polished granite cobblestone, for example, gets slippery when wet. These may cause someone to slip or trip. To prevent this, it is necessary to apply a slip-resistant coating, especially in high-traffic areas.

Why Use Natural Cobblestone?

Natural cobblestone has several advantages over other paving materials, some of which are:

  1. Durability: Cobblestones are made from natural stones, making them durable and long-lasting. They can withstand heavy foot traffic, and weather elements, and are resistant to wear and tear.

  2. Versatility: Cobblestones are available in various sizes, shapes, and colors, which make them suitable for a wide range of design styles. They can be used to create intricate patterns and designs, adding a unique aesthetic appeal to any outdoor space.

  3. Low maintenance: Natural cobblestones require minimal maintenance. They do not need to be replaced frequently and can be easily cleaned with a simple wash.

  4. Environmentally friendly: Natural cobblestones are eco-friendly as they are made from natural materials and do not contain harmful chemicals.

  5. Slip-resistant: Cobblestones are naturally slip-resistant due to their rough surface, making them ideal for areas that receive heavy rainfall or have a high risk of accidents.

  6. Cost-effective: Though the initial cost of installing natural cobblestones may be higher than other paving materials, their durability and low maintenance make them cost-effective in the long run.


Grey Sandstone Cobbles

White Mint Cobbles

White Cobblestones

Brown cobbles

Mandana Cobbles

Red Mandana Stone Cobbles