Fossil Mint Smooth Sandstone


Mint Smooth Sandstone

Mint smooth sandstone paving is one of the sawn honed Indian sandstone offering, which has base of light beige to ivory colors in its slabs. Indian sandstones are known for its variations. People across UK, Europe love those variations. Because they are not man made they are nature’s offering. It is also known as Gwalior Mint Sandstone.

Sawn Mint Sandstone

Sawn Mint Sandstone has a top surface of Honed finish. Edges of the paving slabs are sawn. From bottom these slabs are mostly calibrated. The good quality slabs are always calibrated. If you buy from a supplier who is not very good. Then there is a possiblity of receiving broken slabs always. Thus While buying Fossil mint smooth sandstone always keep an eye who your supplier is. 


Smooth Mint Fossil Sandstone Paving

Fossil Mint Sawn Sandstone is light tone slabs, with limited variations. Malujiwala Stone has good hold over the quality of Sawn honed Mint Sandstone Paving Slabs. Due to the porous nature of Sawn sandstone paving slabs they hold the stains very fast if a good sealer is not used. Thus always use sealer on this sandstone. It will not let it stained but also inhance its natural color over time and time to come.

Mint Smooth Sandstone

Mint Sawn Honed Sandstone or Mint  Sandstone is widely used throughout the world for designing outdoors, Galleries etc. We manufacture this type of soft sand stone in Kota and in nearby areas like Gwalior.

We at Malujiwala Stone, have been one of the top manufacturer of Mint  Sandstone in India and from past few years we are also in exporting of these stones and are now among the biggest exporters of Mint Sawn Honed Sandstone in Canada, USA, Germany and Sweden, many other Countries


Mint Smooth Sandstone also called as Mint Fossil Honed or Yellow Mint Sawn is beautiful natural Sandstone with a mixture of Beige, yellow, Cream and Swirl colors. With its natural tones and shades, Gwalior Mint paving blends in with any surrounding. Due to the individual characteristics of hand quarried natural stone, each piece has its own unique look and may vary in color, texture. But Malujiwala Stone maintains quality and Thickness from other pieces of the same type of stone. There is a variation in surface looks, but texture will be honed as, from being reasonably smooth because of being manufactured our facility centre based in Kota.

We also manufacture a variety of Sandstone like : Kandla Grey Sandstone, All types of Porcelain Tiles, Different types of Limestone, Sawn Indian Sandstone, Riven Sandstone, Cobbles, Buff Rippon Sawn Sandstone, Sagar Black Sandstone and much more.