Sandstone (RivenSandstone is one of the most popular stones for garden paving. It is also is available in many shapes and colours and is easy to come by in large quantities, and the riven finish of the stone gives it a textured surface.
Autumn Brown Sandstone Paving
Kandla Grey Sandstone
Autumn Brown

Riven Sandstone Uses:-

Riven sandstone is a type of natural stone that is known for its distinctive, textured surface. It is commonly used in outdoor applications due to its durability, slip resistance, and natural beauty. Some common uses of riven sandstone include:

  1. Patios: Riven sandstone is an excellent choice for creating stunning and functional outdoor patios. Its textured surface provides an anti-slip surface, making it safer and more stable than other materials.

  2. Walkways: Its durability and slip-resistant properties make riven sandstone ideal for creating beautiful and functional walkways in gardens, parks, and other outdoor spaces.

  3. Retaining walls: can be used to create beautiful and sturdy retaining walls that can support a range of landscaping features, including garden beds and planters.

  4. Garden paths: The natural texture and color variations of sandstone make it perfect for creating meandering garden paths that blend seamlessly into natural surroundings.

  5. Steps: Riven sandstone is a popular choice for creating durable and slip-resistant steps, making it an excellent option for entrances, patios, and outdoor spaces with changes in elevation.

  6. Pool decks: Its slip-resistant surface and resistance to weathering make it a popular choice for creating beautiful and functional pool decks.

Overall, riven sandstone is a versatile and durable material that can be used in many outdoor applications, adding a touch of natural beauty and elegance to any property while providing exceptional slip resistance and durabili

About Malujiwala Stone

Malujiwala stone company was founded in late 19th century and has been expert in this profession of Cutting, Polishing and processing of all types of Indian natural stones. Since than we are one of the Biggest Sandstone Manufacturer in Kota.

Sandstone is used for construction since Ancient times and due to it’s property of being soft than many other stones it is preferred as it can be easily engraved. If we look around the Ancient monuments made centuries ago we can see that most of them have been build using Sandstone and very fine work of architecture have been done on them. It is durable and has a long life span. Malujiwala Stone is oldest Sandstone Supplier in Kota and with time we have made a name for ourselves in this field.