Blue Ice Sandstone

Why Blue Ice Pavers over Bluestone Pavers?

Pray, indulge me as I expound upon the nomenclature of ‘Blue Ice Sandstone’, a stone endowed with a cooler temperature during the summer season than its counterpart, Bluestone. It is a sandstone of natural cleft, coveted for its versatility in various architectural elements such as steps, landings, sills, hearths, mantles, pool coping, caps, and coping on the top of walls. Its subtle, yet striking hues, make it a favored choice for those who seek to infuse a touch of natural splendor into their abodes.


Blue Ice Treads


Blue Ice Coping


Blue Ice Pavers

Available Paver Sizes

1″ Thickness
11.81″ x 23.62″ x 1″
17.72″ x 23.62″ x 1″
23.62″ x 35.43″ x 1″

Rockface Coping Sizes

2″ Thickness
12″ x 48″
14″ x 48″
16″ x 48″

Bullnose Coping Sizes

2″ Thickness
12″ x 48″
14″ x 72″

Blue ice stone steps can be an exceptional centrepiece in the home and increase the property’s value! Transmitting not only elegance and texture but also endurance and durability.

Stone stone are aesthetically full of personality, but the stone material chosen also needs to be strong and durable in order to easily handle extensive foot traffic and other heavy usages for years to come. Let us help you add great beauty and lasting quality to your space with a dream stone staircase from Made in blue ice Stone!

Sandstone is probably the most durable material that can be used in staircase construction, and it will certainly last much longer than a traditional wooden staircase. Just look at the blue ice stone steps in all those ruined castles dotted around the country which have survived many centuries of use – and the odd invasion or two – almost completely unscathed. Yes, some of the blue ice stone stair treads in these ancient ruins may be a bit worn down – but that’s only after centuries of wear!

Blue Ice Copings

Blue Ice coping and decking are available in a variety of colors and sizes of coping and pavers. As with any natural stone, slight imperfections in color, size, and shape are to be expected but we at Malujiwala Stone take care of that. We make sure to inspect the stone products before packing and dispatching. Use constitutes acceptance. All Natural Stones must be sealed. Sealing helps to resist oil spilling & enhances color for the stone spalling and even salt water attacks will not damage the stone overall. Even water penetration will not damage the stone in freeze-thaw conditions. Because of its riven top surface, the product is slip resistant for their particular outdoor application and climate.

Stone Pavers - Blue Ice

The versatility of our stone Pavers  flooring, make it ideal for driveways, courtyards, garden paving, pool surrounds and pathways. With a Blue-grey colour palette it makes for a contemporary and unique flooring option. Our natural stone pavers are available in a huge variety of sizes, formats and surface textures, offering a high level of customisation – including an extensive range of pool coping bullnose, square edge and rebated units.

Blue Ice Steps

 Ice steps add a beautiful touch to your outdoor walkways. Durable, weather-resistant and versatile, we carry stone products that will look amazing in any outdoor space. Not “We” but mother nature makes sure to make natural stone steps more beautiful upon usage and passage of time

On the practical side, blue ice stone offers a level of strength that precast products simply cannot match. And, when it comes to aesthetics, our wide array of colour, shape and thickness options ensure you find the perfect steps for your landscaping project.

Choose a Stone Steps

By choosing a stone steps for your home, you’re following in the footsteps of homeowners throughout the ages who have reaped the rewards – and benefits – of owning a stone staircase. Whether you want a classic traditional style or an ultra-modern look, natural stone can deliver a beautiful, long-lasting stairway to enhance your home and garden beauty.