Stone Type>Sandstone
Primary Name>Rainbow Sandstone
Primary Color>Rainbow
Popular Industry Names>Malujiwala Stone Company
Color Variation>High
Stone form>Tiles (Cut to size), Slabs and other products
Slab Sizes (in feet)>2′-7′ x 2′-5′

Rainbow Sandstone is made up primarily of mineral or rock grains that are the size of sand. It comes in a wide range of colors but is most commonly composed of browns, yellows, reds, and tans. Rainbow Sandstone is weather-resistant and quite easy to work with. This natural stone has a homogeneous texture and is rather soft for a stone product, making it adaptable and useful in various applications.

It is the most common stone to work with due to its low absorption rate, strong compression strength, and visually pleasing appearance. RainbowSandstone comes in various finishes and textures, including  Rainbow Indian Sandstone, Kota Blue, Modak, and Kandla Grey Sandstone.

Sandstones are especially important to geologists as markers of erosion and depositional processes. Because of their abundance, diversity, and mineralogy, some types of sandstone are resistant to weathering. Rainbow Sandstone is a common structural and paving material as a result of this. Some Rainbow sandstone forms are excellent materials due to the hardness of the individual grains, the regularity of grain size, and the friability of their structure. You can be confident that wherever you use these natural stones, the look will be exquisite, timeless, and naturally attractive for generations to come.

Rainbow Sandstone Paving

Rainbow Sandstone is unique sandstone having a texture of different colors naturally. It is generally used for paving in gardens, outdoor lawns, and footpaths. Rainbow Sandstones are hardwearing and are best suited for cold weather.
These sandstones are found in Indian mines and are then prepared in factories according to the custom specifications. Sandstone is formed in layers, and this is incredibly evident in this particular stone. The smooth, sawn surface of the Indian Stone Paving is suitable for either modern or traditional patio designs, providing a wealth of design opportunities!