Indian Sandstone

Indian Sandstone paving and Slab is highly regarded in the landscaping industry due to its wide range of unique colors and finishes. The durability and versatility of high-quality Indian Sandstone flags, such as those available at Primethorpe Paving, make them an excellent choice. The natural finish of stone paving provides a textured and rustic appearance, guaranteeing that Indian Sandstone patio slabs will enhance the aesthetics of any outdoor space

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Indian Sandstone Paving

Well-known for its natural beauty and tonal variation, Indian Sandstone offers unique color palettes, subtle veining details and even some plant fossil markings which are created naturally over thousands of years.

The stone is held in very high regard throughout the landscaping industry and is often the go-to choice for many landscapers and garden designers thanks to its versatility, as well as being a much more affordable option when compared to similar stones such as Yorkstone.

All of our products are sourced from the finest quality quarries in India that operate with the highest level of ethical standards as well as CE certification.+

Choose Hand-Cut Sandstone Paving or Sawn Sandstone Paving

The choice between different finishes of Indian sandstone paving slabs depends on the desired look and feel of your outdoor space. If you prefer a relaxed and rustic atmosphere, hand-cut Indian sandstone slabs with natural riven profiles and chiseled edges are an excellent choice. These slabs add a laid-back charm, making them a perfect fit for outdoor areas of cottages or traditional settings.

On the other hand, if you seek a more polished and precise appearance, sawn Indian stone flags are the ideal option. With a straight and uniform surface due to the sawing process, these slabs offer a neater and more contemporary feel. The clean lines and square edges of sawn Indian stone flags make them particularly well-suited for modern outdoor spaces.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference and the desired aesthetic of your outdoor area.

Large Grey Flagstone Paving

A favourite for several reasons would be the Farrow Grey tumbled limestone paving. This flagstone paver features subtle tonal variations from dove grey through to soft anthracite with fossil details and warm hues blending effortlessly. Its timeless charm, durable nature, and ability to complement a range of garden styles make it the perfect option for patio slabs ideas – from a cottage garden to contemporary new build garden. Limestone with a ‘tumbled’ texture and finish also provides enough grip for outdoor areas, ensuring they are safe surfaces for those with young children or pets.

Indian Sandstone Paving and Slab Uses:-

Indian sandstone paving and slabs have a wide range of applications and can be used in various outdoor projects.

  1. Patios and Terraces: Indian sandstone is a popular choice for creating stunning patios and terraces. The natural beauty of the stone, combined with its durability, makes it an excellent surface for outdoor seating areas and entertainment spaces.

  2. Pathways and Walkways: Indian sandstone can be used to create attractive and functional pathways and walkways in gardens, parks, or public spaces. Its non-slip properties and ability to withstand heavy foot traffic make it a practical choice for creating safe and visually appealing walkways.

  3. Driveways: Indian sandstone is often used for driveway paving due to its strength and resistance to vehicular traffic. It provides a durable and aesthetically pleasing surface that can withstand the weight of vehicles.

  4. Garden Landscaping: Indian sandstone slabs can be utilized for various landscaping features, including stepping stones, garden borders, raised beds, and retaining walls. They add a natural and organic element to the overall design, enhancing the visual appeal of the garden.

  5. Pool Surrounds: Indian sandstone is a popular choice for pool surrounds due to its slip-resistant properties and ability to stay cool in hot weather. It creates a beautiful and functional area around the pool, complementing the surrounding landscape.

  6. Outdoor Stairs and Steps: Indian sandstone can be used to construct outdoor stairs and steps, providing a safe and visually appealing transition between different levels of a landscape. The various colors and finishes of sandstone can be selected to match the overall design theme.

  7. Feature Walls and Cladding: Indian sandstone slabs can be used as cladding material for feature walls, adding texture and character to the exterior of buildings or creating focal points in outdoor spaces.

  8. Commercial Landscaping: Indian sandstone is commonly used in commercial landscaping projects, such as parks, plazas, and public spaces, due to its durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal.

Different types of Indian Sandstone Paving

English garden embodies, we wholeheartedly recognize the paramount significance of bespoke customization. Within our esteemed repertoire of Indian Sandstone Paving and Slab, an extensive gamut of styles unfurls, bestowing boundless possibilities upon the discerning horticultural enthusiast. A kaleidoscope of resplendent hues awaits, poised to liberate the fertile imaginations of those who dare to craft their verdant domains. Amongst our pantheon of chromatic delights, perennial favorites include the enchanting Raj Green Indian Sandstone , whose verdant tapestry evokes a sense of sylvan enchantment, the resplendent Fossil Mint Sandstone, which unveils a veritable tableau of sunlit warmth, and the ethereal Kandla Grey Indian Sandstone, whose ethereal countenance casts an ethereal hue of gentle, dove-like gray. Moreover, our expansive selection spans an opulent array of dusky ebony and chocolatey browns Sandstone, with the captivating Autumn Brown Sandstone reigning supreme, rendering your foray into the realm of naturalistic design an exercise in boundless self-expression

To satiate the ravenous appetite for artistic innovation that burns within, our Indian sandstone paving and Slab manifests in an assortment of evocative shapes and sizes, calibrated with painstaking precision to evoke a symphony of visual splendor. For those seekers of simplicity and unwavering elegance, uniform slabs beckon, offering a pristine canvas upon which a seamless stretcher bond design can be deftly woven. These masterpieces of geometric regularity come in varying dimensions, empowering the discerning gardener to indulge in grandiose visions or opt for a more intimate and fragmented arrangement that speaks to their unique design sensibilities. Alternatively, for those who yearn for a captivating tapestry of textures, the harmonious integration of diverse sizes invokes a beguiling mosaic of visual intrigue, imbuing the landscape with a sense of dynamism and organic exuberance.