Red Mandana Stone

Red Mandana Stone is sandstone. Available in basic crimson or chocolate, it provides a stunning dark look for floors and furniture. Red Mandana is a chemically resistant stone, which is why it provides strength and momentum to floors and is the first choice for industrial and residential floors.

Malujiwala Stone Company is a wholesaler and supplier of  Stone from India. We offer you the best price for red mandana.

 Advantages of MANDANA Red stone floors 
1. MANDANA Redstone is acid resistant and easy to clean.
2. The red mandana stone is anti-absorbent and anti-slip, which is the best sanitary floor for wet  areas.
3. The stone is very strong and durable.
4.Mandana Red Stone is hard enough for all weather conditions: dry, wet or cold.
5. Mandana Stone is an inexpensive, easily accessible and more durable natural stone.
6. Mandana Red stone is a cost-effective option for asthetic yet affordable stone floorings.

 Red Mandana available in different varieties 
1. Natural / Raw
2. Sawn cut
3. Polished
4. Highly Polished
5. River Wash / Antique Polish
6. Mirror Polished
7. Calibrated
8. Red Mandana leathered Pavers

 Stone Pavers are often used for chemically treated pavers and are plastered and jointed with an acid resistant cement. These products are sold in the market at competitive prices. We have a very professional team to make this type of red mandana stone paving.

We are engaged in supplying red mandana stone flooring. This flooring service is provided by our staff who work closely with customers to meet their exact needs. Our experts use modern tools and machines to provide this flooring service. We offer flooring services to our customers at affordable prices according to their needs.
 pavers are commonly used in chemical process floors, pharmaceutical factories and dairies. Places plastered and paved with acid-resistant cement.
1.High chemical resistance
2. Heavy duty capacity
3.Minimum leakage problem
Mandana Stone (Acid Proof) is very famous all over India and is highly demanded in many cities. Our product is made under the guidance of highly skilled team which take care of each and every aspect of quality. Our red mandana sandstone (acid proof) is widely used by companies all over India. Not only this, we also provide our stone at the most affordable prices for everyone to avail it easily.
Mandana stone is acid proof stone, this stone is used in acid and milk industries,mandana stone is found in Suket,town of kota district of Rajasthan, mandana stone is available in approx polished, we are a supplier and dealer of mandana stone, Red mandana sandstone supplier, mandana stone manufacturer, mandana stone tiles, mandana stone rough, polished mandana stone, River finished mandana stone, Leather finished mandana stone, acid proof mandana stone, mandana stone direct from mines.

Mandana stone size — {in inches} 22×22, 22×16, 22×28, 22×11, 11×11, 3×22, 6×22

We Malujiwala Stone Company are offering Red Mandana Sandstone. We offer the Mandana stone, favored for its aesthetic appearance and quite remarkable. Customers contact us for various sizes of Mandana stones at affordable prices


Red Mandana stone is a type of natural stone that is commonly used in India for flooring and paving. This sandstoneis mainly found in the Kota district of Rajasthan, India. It has a beautiful red color caused by the presence of iron oxide in the stone. Red Mandana  is durable and ideal for high-traffic areas like commercial buildings, public spaces, and residential homes. Additionally, it is slip-resistant, making it suitable for outdoor areas like driveways, patios, and pathways. It is easy to maintain, with regular sweeping and occasional mopping being sufficient. Red Mandana is a popular choice for those seeking a durable and attractive natural stone option for their flooring or paving needs.

it is kind of sandstone giving a lively touch into innards of the place. We our fashionable wholesaler and supplier of Red Mandana Stone in the area. We give you best possible monuments to maintain the request and the quality of our company for with following our morals and conditions. Delivering you with the stylish is our silent pledge to our guests. Mandana monuments or kota monuments are principally used for pathways and flooring in innards.


✔ Red Mandana Sandstone is acid-proof and also easy to clean.
✔ Red Mandana Sandstone is not water absorbent and is anti-slip hence is the perfect and hygienic flooring for humid areas.
✔ Red Mandana Sandstone is very strong and long-lasting
✔ Red Mandana Sandstone is resistant enough to fit any climatic conditions – dry, humid, or cold.
✔Red Mandana Sandstone is economical, easily available and the most durable natural stone available.
✔ Red Mandana Sandstone is very cost-effective and easily available and the most durable natural stone available.

Customized ready to fit packed calibrated Mandana Stone Tiles
Mandana Stone is most preferred because of its heavy-duty so used at railway station, and airports where heavy crowd passes.


Different between table polished Mandana and diamond polished Mandana stone

Diamond polished Mandana surface is even no round but table polished has round in polished surface.
Diamond polished material has both sides polished but the table polished only one side.
Diamond polished is high quantity material but table polished is low quality. In the Mandana stone with a polished table, there is a hole in the middle, while in the surface diamond polish, the surface is absolutely Avon. This is the biggest difference between the two.
Mandana Tiles – Red Mandana Stone is also found in tiles today, in this, there are two types of Mandana tiles – first – the table is polished, second – diamond is cut, both are quite different, the table The surface of the polished is not even meant that the water in its flooring has trembled while in the red flame with a diamond the water does not stay and the surface also remains even, in this case, it has to be acid-proof. Brings you